1. We had a great time using ontological entities as "hinges" for interdisciplinary communication, especially in the special sessions with intentions, identity, and complement clauses.
  2. The breaks were full of amazing conversation, and after the breaks, we couldn't believe it but everyone kindly went into the talks again without having to be pressed to do so. In all it was a chill and lovely atmosphere.
  3. Young researchers such as Felix Frühauf, Victoria Noble, Jordan Chark, and Camil Staps brought the extremely fresh research.
  4. Nice was nice! When was the last time you had an outdoor conference dinner in October where they brought you roses?
  5. We got offers to host OASIS 4, 5, and maybe even 6... more on that soon!

Thanks all who organized OASIS 3 / SPE 12, especially Clémentine Raffy who made it all happen.

Photo credit: Friederike Moltmann.